• For me, art should speak for itself, with no unnecessary explaining what the poet meant.

    So, very briefly why I do what I do.

    I have always liked animals, nature, and art. These loves of mine I united in one in 1999, when I happened to be in the studio of the sculptor Jiří Pošva. He taught me everything essential about the clay. Since the beginning I have found it best working with chamotte, that is fireclay – it is the kind with tiny rocks in it.
  • This material began to fascinate me more and more, its power, fineness and also roughness because of the fireclay. Working with it is fascinating – it is an interconnection of energies. It offers itself to me in its basic form and waits for my energy and invention, for some imprint of mine. Working with clay is very calming, and particularly those people who have their head in the clouds (which a lot of artists do) can put themselves to earth thanks to it. What is amazing about ceramics is that you work with all four elements. 
  • Professor Jan Hendrych about my work:

    Small sculptures of Mona Lipi focus thematically on animal life. The artist uses different materials, from ceramics, bronze, or glass to plastic. The sculptures are mostly sensitive observations of reality and have a pleasant degree of stylization, distinctive original vision, and female sensibility. With the works that I had the opportunity to see, I can say that the artistic level, sensitivity, and moderateness have always guaranteed a high quality of her work. Mona Lipi’s sculptures are not devoid of humour, too. 
  • Professor Boris Jirků about my work:

    ... Her slow loris, white-faced saki, American porcupine, capybara, babirusa, meerkat, and others are actually fables where animals are parables and exaggeration of human qualities and their kind crooked mirror. It is not a superficial, one-view caricature, but a solitary sculpture offering full sculptural form on all sides, augmented by quality noble materials, such as glazed ceramics or patinated bronze. Her works are positive news, and that is certainly not insignificant nowadays...